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7 Music Gist You May Not Know

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Yeah! Xponent gladly welcomes everyone on board to this fantastic atmosphere where I am humbly and keenly going to reveal and at the same time teach everyone some music gist they may not know. The reason why I use the word “may” is because I know there are people who are in music like me too and they may know some and also may not know some; in the same vein, some other persons may be ignorant of all the things which I will be posting here pertaining to music. I can also see that many people like news, they like being updated with Current happenings wether the same is happening within their visinity or across ( outside their visinity), whether it is happening online or offline. Hence, leading to a very large percentage of the world population always accessing technological inventions in the likes of various social media network, radio, tv, newspaper, magazine etc all in search of information.

In the previous post, I talked about How To Become Successful Musicians Of All Time And I pointed out the different ways through which any aspiring music artiste should stick to and make it musically. Here in this post, I am going to explain 7 different things you may not know in music.

The 7 Music Gist You May Not Know:

  1. Music Is An Art: Music goes hand in hand with creativity and talent although people can as well go to music school to learn music. Unlike other science-inclined careers which has to do with the phrase “just do it as it is being done”, music is totally different in the sense that in music one needs to try as much as possible to form and give out fresh and unique content each time. Now there is one thing in music which attention should always be given to which. What I am talking about is “copy copy” . If you look at Music industry in some countries and I am not going to lie especially in Nigeria music industry, there are uncountable music which are copied from an already produced hit, though some are done legally having full legal rights, others are just done ilegally.

2. Music Is A Talent:

Yes musical career is a talent, it is a supernatural and special gift which lucky ones can possess right from childhood. Honestly, from my findings apart from music being a talent which selected persons possess as a gift and which most of them utilize to earn a living, everybody in this world would be musician because of the huge outcome ( rewards ) associated in music.

3. Music Pays Big Money:

Music is indeed one of the highest paying sector in the world with other highest paying sector being; oil and gas, politics, Internet business etc. This is very evident in the manner that many of world successful musicians like Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Drake, Eminem, 50 Cent, Nicky Minaj etc are frequently seen and heard flaunting their money and living luxurious lifestyle.

4. Music Gives Fame:

You heard that well right? …… music is among other forms of entertainment profession that makes one very popular. We have very popular musicians like Jay Z, Eminem, Rihanna, Nicky Minaj etc. These people are merely known due to the music talent they possess and exhibit.

5. Music Is The basic Of Entertainment:

I recently noticed that almost everything done in this life must be accompanied with music before it becomes completely done. Look at movie, no film will be entertaining and pleasing without music. At the stadium where footballers play ball, music is also involved there. ……. Comedians on the other hand cannot crack jokes in a way that it becomes much entataining and appealing without music.

6. Musicians Can Be Solo, Duo Or More:

In music, we have single artiste – those who run their musical career alone or Duo – two musicians who join together to do music, and more. Now, there are more solo musicians than the other category of musicians and in my own opinion, I recommend the solo option and for the sake of this post I am not going to disclose the reasons in this post it will be in the next post.

7. Music Is An Old Term:

The last option in this post “7 music gist you may not know” is the fact that music is as old is man. Remember that music is the only kind of entertainment obviously and clearly known as being actively done in heaven just like it is being done everywhere in this world. Our fore fathers even practiced music in their own way then.