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  • Does Music Pay  More Than Football?

    Does Music Pay More Than Football?

    There are lots of questions, controversies, arguments, misinterpretations and what have you right in the field of entertainment – music and football. People from all works of life; people of different age groups, people from different race, people from different ethnicity, people from what you may call it had been and always continue to contemplate…

  • 7 Music Gist You May Not Know

    7 Music Gist You May Not Know

    Yeah! Xponent gladly welcomes everyone on board to this fantastic atmosphere where I am humbly and keenly going to reveal and at the same time teach everyone some music gist they may not know. The reason why I use the word “may” is because I know there are people who are in music like me…

  • How To Become Successful Musicians Of All Time

    Who Is A Musician? This is a kind of frequently asked question which bombards to the ear of the person who is to answer such a question. Being successful musicians of all time is the dream of every upcoming artist. Now, trying to answer the question “who is a musician”? In the first place music…