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Does Music Pay More Than Football?

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There are lots of questions, controversies, arguments, misinterpretations and what have you right in the field of entertainment – music and football. People from all works of life; people of different age groups, people from different race, people from different ethnicity, people from what you may call it had been and always continue to contemplate and ponder on the title ” does music pay more than football?”. Hence, the real answer to this constant debate and query is exactly the very theme of this post.

Previously, I posted about 7 Music Gist You May Not Know which explained many music terminologies which most people are ignorant of and knowing fully well that ignorance is the mother of loses. Yes, people encounter loses in things they don’t know making them to gain experience and that experience turns to be a great teacher to such people enabling them not to repeat such mistake ( ignorance) in future.

Now, before trying to answer the question in the post title being the reason for this post, let us take a look at both the similarities and differences between music and football.

Similarities Between Music And Football

The number one similarity between music and the so called football is the fact that both are entertainment. A musician is an entertainer, a footballer is an entertainer too. So, they go hand in hand. Music is a food for the soul it is a piece that makes one have fun, forget his or her worries etc likewise football.

The second similarity between music and football is that both bring fame and wealth to those that practice them. As you can see music and football are among the highest paying profession in the whole world today and apart from that, musicians and footballers ( music and football super stars ) are the most popular people in the world.

From the question ” does music pay than football?” comes the third similarity between the two which is the fact that music creates a different career by making one be an ambassador for big companies and so is football.

Differences Between Music And Football

The very first difference between music and football is that while a musician can continue to sing or rap making his or her music career relevant even at old age, a footballer cannot. This is because at a certain age in the life of a footballer, the person can no longer performance actively as it is supposed to be in football tornament.

Secondly, music is more independent as a profession than football. This is evident in the fact that while a musician can become very rich and very popular while pushing his or her music career forward without a music company ( record label), a footballer can hardly succeed in football without being signed under one football company or the other.

Another difference is that naturally, more people like music than football. Some have a particular genre of music as their favorite – knowing fully well that music is the primary of all entertainment. And music unlike football can be enjoyed by only listening to its sound ( without watching it) and this differentiates it from football.

Now in conclusion, when we compare and contrast the similarities and the differences between music and football then the precise answer to the question ” does music pay than football?” is YES! music Pays than football.